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A Day to Remember | Music Photography by Jordan Hefler

A Day to Remember | New Orleans Concert | Music Photography by Jordan Hefler

A few weeks ago I was able to photograph a favorite band of mine, A Day to Remember, for Stitched Sound. You can read my official review of the night here.

A Day to Remember is just one of those bands that you can count on- every album they put out is amazing and cohesive. They’ve been around for a while and I am so honored to have been able to document their show in New Orleans!

See my favorite images from the night below, and contact me here if you need coverage of your band or event.

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A Day to Remember | Music Photographer in Louisiana | Jordan Hefler

Bayou Country Superfest with Parish County Line | Music Photography by Jordan Hefler

Bayou Country Superfest | Country Music Photographer | Festival Photographer | Parish County Line | Jordan Hefler

I’ve been familiar with Bayou Country Superfest as a local country music festival in Baton Rouge ever since I went to college at LSU- the festival usually takes place in Tiger Stadium and I see photos from all of my friends on Facebook every year. I may not be as well versed in the country scene as I am in the rock/hip hop world, but when you live in Louisiana country music kind of comes along with the territory. The few country artists I actually listen to seem to always be the ones that end up at BCSF, so I’ve honestly always wanted to go!

I was honored to document my friends in Parish County Line throughout the second day of BCSF 2019. They work really hard and honestly, they dominate the local country music scene. Getting to be the only local band on the bill for this nationally recognized festival was a huge deal and a very cool opportunity for everyone involved. Due to media restrictions, I was not able to photograph anything else at BCSF besides their set, but I still had a great time hanging out with everyone in the pit afterwards for Brett Young, Kane Brown, and my personal country favorite, Jason Aldean. Since Parish County Line is so well connected, I even briefly got to meet Brett Young, recent American Idol winner Laine Hardy, and recent The Voice runner up Gyth Rigdon (both who are Louisiana natives!)

It was pretty surreal photographing music in Tiger Stadium, a very very large place and where I’ve been to so many LSU football games. Getting to look out at the crowd in a stadium setting from the stage was really crazy! See my favorite shots below from the day, and contact me if you’re interested in having music or festival photography coverage in the future!

Bayou Country Superfest | Country Music Photographer | Festival Photographer | Parish County Line | Jordan Hefler