Why Solopreneurs Should Have a Business Address by Jordan Hefler

Why Solopreneurs Should Have a Business Address | Jordan Hefler

I love my neighborhood. I love where I live. But I DON’T love people knowing where I live. Why? Because it’s not safe!

Do you remember back in the day when we had Myspace and all of our parents/the media were freaking out about our safety? We were all so afraid of being kidnapped yet now we’re constantly sharing where we are, when we are, and what we have. Remember Kim Kardashian’s legendary Parisian hold-up where she was gagged and robbed after posting her jewelry and location on the internet?

It’s one thing if you have a brick and mortar store location or a remote office somewhere, but when you’re working from home I find it creepy to know that your business address doubles as where you sleep at night.

A few years ago when I wanted to start a mailing list with Mailchimp, I realized that in order to be compliant with the legalities of sending out a mass newsletter, I had to list my address at the footer of every email I sent out. During and after college I moved a solid 8 times in 7 years and knew that none of the apartments/houses I lived would ever be a permanent business address for me. At the time of wanting to start a mailing list, I was living in an apartment with my brother and working from home…and there was no way I was going to publicly list my apartment address on a mass email!

Why Solopreneurs Should Have a Business Address | Jordan Hefler

I decided to open a personal mailbox for my business at a local UPS store in town, that way when I would inevitably move out from living with my brother I’d at least have a consistent address listing for my business. Do you know how annoying it was to open an LLC at one address, then apply for a credit card at another, but then have my license listed at another? I now live alone, work from home, and am focusing on growing my email list/sharing more and more on social media for my business- not a great recipe for having people know where you live amirite??!?

Although it’s a yearly business expense (only around $250 or so I think?) it’s great for peace of mind. My business now has a solid mailing address I feel comfortable listing everywhere, and I don’t have to worry about having my packages stolen off my doorstep (something that happens a lot in my neighborhood!) It also makes me look legit listing a street address with a “suite” when I’m really just chillin at home in my panda pajama pants and checking a box once a week.

Why Solopreneurs Should Have a Business Address | Jordan Hefler

If you’re sharing a lot of your life on social media, working from home, and having people send you packages/checks/important information to your home- you’re giving me anxiety. Bite the bullet and get a personal P.O. Box or UPS mailing address and avoid the stress of break ins, randos from Instagram, checks going missing, and people just “dropping by” while you’re in your Spongebob t-shirt on the couch eating chocolate.

Why Solopreneurs Should Have a Business Address | Jordan Hefler

3 Tools That Saved My Business by Jordan Hefler

3 Tools That Saved My Business | Jordan Hefler

Soooo I can be a bit stubborn when it comes to learning new skills. I’m the person that gets the iPhone software update but turns off all the bells and whistles in the settings to make it operate like the previous software did. BUT I will say that in this solopreneur world, tech tools can be your best friend! These three online tools/apps have heavily improved my workflow and efficiency by optimizing my time.


I am obsessed with Zapier! This is a website that automates thousands of tasks for you- like making your Instagram photos go to Twitter, or syncing emails from your website to your Mailchimp list. There are a million things you can do with this website and I always recommend it to people who are looking to cut a corner in some way.


Acuity Scheduling is something that I pay for on a yearly basis but only really utilize during my busiest portrait seasons. It’s basically a digital calendar that you can send to your clients to self-schedule themselves on, and it’s really a lifesaver! I used to spend SO.MUCH.TIME. playing email tag with potential clients and trying to rearrange schedules to accommodate everyone. Now I just send them a calendar with the dates I’m available and they have at it! They can pay me and book all at once, and it’ll send them reminders and sync to both of your iCal or Google Calendars. This isn’t ideal for my whole year because I don’t always know what days I’m available that far in advance, but it’s really helpful for the busy seasons.


Planoly is a wonderful app and website to use for Instagram to help store hashtags, see analytics, and plan/schedule your grid. I don’t do a whole lot of scheduling on my Instagram, but I do like to store all of my hashtags in there so they can easily be copied and pasted. I definitely recommend this app if you are wanting to view your future posts in a grid-format to help plan.

3 Tools That Saved My Business | Jordan Hefler