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Louisiana State University / Football by Jordan Hefler

One of my biggest bucket list items was to be able to photograph an LSU football game. My dad gets to do it every once in a while, and I had the opportunity to actually get to shoot the same game he had credentials for which was a really amazing experience!

what are the odds that I get photo credentials the same game as my dad??? #photogfamily #geauxtigers

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I recently started contributing Instagram content to 225 Magazine and InRegister Magazine here in Baton Rouge, so I was fortunate enough to be able to photograph the first game of the season against Jacksonville State in Tiger Stadium. It coincidentally also become Les Miles' last LSU game to coach, so it's pretty cool that I got to document it.

Thanks for everything, Les. You'll always be remembered in Baton Rouge. #ForeverLSU 📷: @jordanhefler

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The game was lightning delayed over and over again, which pushed the starting time back about an hour. In my opinion, the best photos were right as the players were warming up because it wasn't quite dark just yet, and the clouds had finally cleared to reveal a really interestingly colored blue sky.

I was hoping to have the opportunity to shoot another game this season, but I was all over the place with my schedule and ended up missing 3 home games in a row! As an LSU alum and a recent grad of 2014, that was just a disgrace haha. I hadn't missed 3 games in the past 6 years much less in one season! I did get the chance to do a few photos in the stadium while it was empty while behind the scenes for a piece in InRegister though, so some of those are also thrown in the photos below.

Cheers to Coach O getting the new coaching job, and I can't wait to see how we are next year! Some of these images are supposed to be selected to go in the physical magazine at some point, so be on the lookout for that as well. Geaux Tigers!

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Diana / Spring Portrait by Jordan Hefler

Man oh man I am swamped these days but I had to stop for a second to share this portrait session with y'all. I announced a few weeks ago that I am BOOKED for spring (this is still true) so I really haven't been worrying about promoting portraits too much right now. It's kind of a tease to post about what I can't book anymore of right now, but these were just TOO GOOD.

Every once in a while I'll get a client who doesn't want the norm. In my case, the norm is almost ALWAYS a smiling photo of a graduate in front of the LSU sign on the stadium. Nothing wrong with that if that's what the client wants, but as a photographer... it definitely gets repetitive doing it on a daily basis when I'm in the heat of senior picture season. Diana pretty much came to me and was like I follow your Instagram, I like your creativity, I want something different. And I was like HALLELUJAH because I had been to the LSU bell tower like 4 times that week already. (Once again- not a problem if that's what you want! Don't be afraid to tell me what YOU want!)

So basically at this point I was thrown off guard, because I normally have clients who tell me where they want to go based off of photos they've already seen me take, not the other way around. So we just kind of went where the light was. And that's my favorite part of both life and photography (wow, how lame and deep does that sound) but really. Y'all know I'm a nerd about light. And this day was perfect.

There's this little spot on the LSU campus that I've been eyeballing for a while. It's this wall with a bunch of square holes cut out of the brick. I used to notice it at certain times of the day when the light would shine through and project this pattern of shadows on the opposite wall. I've taken portraits of people in front of the wall, but never at the time of day that I had noticed long ago when walking to class. I have seen some photos that were done there before that I liked, but I knew that I wanted to play with these fun shadows myself. SO DIANA AND I DID. AND IT WAS GR8. So yeah, below are my favorites.

Sorry if you have reached out to me recently about portraits. I will start up again with booking them in mid-May after this rush of spring seniors/concerts/life slows down!