Why Everyone Should Get Branded Portraits by Jordan Hefler

Why Everyone Should Get Branded Portraits | Jordan Hefler

I am always amazed at the beautiful people who find me to hire me for photos! I recently got to with with Zana, a young and BEAUTIFUL teacher who was interested in getting some branding portraits done for her side hustles. We shot at Perkins Rowe about an hour before sunset and made some magic!


I mostly loved Zana because she was taking the time and money to invest in getting some lifestyle branding portraits done for herself. I may be biased because I’m a photographer, but I wholeheartedly believe that everyone needs to have professional headshots done of themselves no matter what industry they’re in. Nobody likes seeing a grainy phone pic that you cropped yourself out of that was taken in a bar ON YOUR LINKEDIN! And studio headshots? Yeah, they’re classic. But I don’t think there’s anything wrong with getting some fabulous, on brand portraits done with a lifestyle approach- if anything, they’re more versatile. That way you can use the images for your website, for your LinkedIn, for some baller Instagram content, and to just overall document the way you look and felt at that time in your life or career.

Having branded portraits makes you look more professional, gives you an opportunity to express your personality to potential customers/job interviewers/investors/WHOEVER, and can simply boost your confidence overall. There’s no excuse for an adult in this day and age to not have a decent looking headshot when asked for one by an employer.

You don’t have to be the most stylish person on the planet! Just hire a photographer (because they will make you look like a million bucks) bring 2 outfits, and get to work!

For fellow photogs: I used my Sigma 35mm 1.4 on all of these and I feel like that lens is always just so sharp and ideal for portraits! A few of my favorite images are below.

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Glowing Goddess Guru Beast Manifesto | Book & Branding Photography by Jordan Hefler

Glowing Goddess Guru Beast Manifesto | Book & Branding Photography | Jordan Hefler

So this is super exciting! Over the past 2ish years I have had the pleasure and honor to be able to photograph the imagery for my friend Brittany Lynn Kriger’s book Glowing Goddess Guru Beast Manifesto!

Brittany is an amazing Baton Rouge creative who breaks the mold of traditional “health coach” and is also a certified yoga teacher. Her book breaks down and explores all the things we THOUGHT about “health” and what it means to love yourself. You can actually purchase a copy of it here!

Here’s a little more about Brittany according to her website:

I'm an integrative health coach, and I help women create a peaceful relationship with food by combining emotional work with hard-science nutritional data. And I know food crazy, because I've lived it. I don't believe in restriction or cruel regimes around food, body, and life. I know it's possible to love the food I'm eating and enjoy the body I'm living in while also experiencing the full range of the human experience. Life (and food) are meant to be FULLY lived. Keeping happiness at the heart of healthFULLness is key.

I had a great time photographing all the images for the book and to promote the book! Below are some of my favorites that we got to create together.

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Glowing Goddess Guru Beast Manifesto | Book & Branding Photography | Jordan Hefler