Zeta Tau Alpha

Erinn / LSU Senior by Jordan Hefler

I really loved this session. Erinn is so sweet and let me ramble on and on (as I usually do) about nothing and was such a captive listener. She was very confident in front of the camera and would quickly let me know what was and wasn't working for her in the photographs. I loved how honest she was with me and herself! Congrats on graduating, these are some of my favorite shots of the year!

Kierstyn / LSU Senior by Jordan Hefler

KIERSTYN + THIS LIGHTING = EVERYTHING AMAZING. These portraits make me so happy! Photos like this remind me of why I love photography! I loved working with Kierstyn and her cute little hat. It always makes me so excited when people let me do whatever with my camera and work with the lighting. I mean that's what you're hiring me for right?! Also, can we talk about how Kierstyn is like the LSU duck whisperer? These animals were hissing at me and flocking to her. Snow White in the flesh, for real.