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10 Easy Ideas for Branded Content by Jordan Hefler

10 Easy Branded Content Ideas for Social Media | Jordan Hefler

Something I always hear small business owners complain about is “I don’t have anything to post.” I firmly believe that content creation can be demystified and that there are probably plenty of things to post no matter who you are, what your business is, or what platform you’re using.

Branded content is essentially made from the stuff that you’re already doing on a daily basis for your business. All it takes is a little bit of practice to turn your thinking around from a “doing” mindset to a “marketing what you’re already doing” mindset.

Here are 10 easy ideas to get you started with some branded content creation for your social media platforms!


This is a superrrrrr easy one. Find an old photo of you, your work, your staff, the building your business is in, WHATEVER and post it on Thursday as a #throwbackthursday or #tbt. You can do this with content you already created before- videos, blog posts, songs, designs, logos, it’s all fair game. This is so easy that it’s almost a cop out. People thrive on nostalgia and love to see how far you’re come/how much things have changed.


Create a fun “fill in the blank” game of Mad Libs that has to do with your business. Make it a printout or put it on your website for people to complete. Have them participate and post their results with a branded hashtag and pick a winner by searching it. The prize could be a simple re-post, or something tangible from your business.


This is somewhat similar to the Mad Libs idea. If you’re creative, make a coloring printout from something that is relevant to your business, or hire a local artist to make something for you. This can be a fun way to get kids involved if your audience includes them. Have the parents post their kids’ final designs on social media for a contest and boom, free advertising for you.


This is a really easy way to position yourself as an expert in your field. Record a before and after video or a tutorial of something before and after your business was the solution. Not video savvy? Just post a before and after photo.


Find a brand that is cohesive with what you do but not exactly the same. The goal here is to poach each other’s audiences and gain new relevant fans. Host a social media giveaway where people have to follow both accounts and tag a friend to win. BOOM, you’re gaining new organic followers and cross promoting your business with another business while you’re at it. It’ll be worth whatever each of you decide to donate as the prize.


If you’re a non-profit or data driven business, design an infographic expressing why your product/service is helpful to XYZ. Post this on social media and it’ll become a resource for people. They’ll save it or screenshot or show it to someone and there you go, you’re organically marketing while providing value.


Use the Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook poll tools to create fun trivia games for your audience. The questions can be silly or not- either way it’ll be market research for you to get to know your audience, and they’ll feel like they’re part of the conversation.


Did you get an awesome review on your podcast, Facebook, or Yelp page? Turn that review into a cute graphic or use it as the caption in your next social media post. The person who reviewed will be excited to see you shared their kind words, and it’ll be a #humblebrag you can use to reinforce trust with your customers and build credibility.


Maybe baking a cake, sewing a dress, or designing a graphic is mundane and second nature to you, but it might be wildly interesting to someone else who wants to know how it’s done. People are addicted to seeing behind the scenes stuff. Use that to your advantage and get on your Instagram stories, make a YouTube video, or share photos of what goes on behind the scenes in your industry.


If you have a product or service where people can post their interactions/results with it, make a branded hashtag where people (and you) can follow along. Fans love to post why they love something, and with their permission you may be able to repurpose that content they shared into your own post.

Moral of the story… get out there! People won’t know your business exists if you don’t tell them. Content creation doesn’t need to be a full blown production- just get relevant and simple with it!

10 Easy Branded Content Ideas for Social Media | Small Business Marketing Tips | Jordan Hefler

Walk-On's | Lifestyle Food Photography by Jordan Hefler

Walk-On's | Lifestyle Food Photography in Baton Rouge | Jordan Hefler

A few weeks ago I was able to work with Walk-On’s for a content creation opportunity! I love approaching brand photography with a lifestyle approach, especially when good food is involved.

We used natural light and shot on location at their flagship Burbank restaurant, where I’ve been eating all these years! It’s really cool to see a local company scaling so fast and it was weird to come full circle by doing photography at a restaurant I’ve been visiting so much over the years.

See some of my favorite shots below, and contact me here if you’re interested in hiring me for commercial photography for your brand!

Walk-On's | Lifestyle Food Photography in Baton Rouge | Jordan Hefler