Friday the 13th | Black and White River Portraits / by Jordan Hefler

Dark Glamour Photography for Friday the 13th | River Portraits | Jordan Hefler

Alright alright alright we all know that Toni Terry is my muse when it comes to doing weird and creative fun shoots. I’d had this idea of doing a dark portrait session in the river ever since I saw this image by Matty Vogel of Jared Leto, as well as this iconic shot of Adele, though I’m not sure who took it (Toni kind of looks like Adele, no?) Good thing Toni has a friend that lives on the Amite river in Denham Springs, Louisiana and allowed us to come take some spooky glamour shots on Friday the 13th last month!

Back in college, a lot of my work explored darker imagery. I love horror movies and I’m generally kind of a creep. I don’t get to show that side of my work very often anymore (partially because I’m so busy with client work which is literally everything but that) so this felt like a fun happy medium!

River Portraits | Jordan Hefler | Louisiana Photographer

This river was ideal because it was super shallow all the way across. I was able to basically sit dead center the whole time and was fine. I used my Nikon D750 camera with my Sigma 35mm 1.4 ART lens for the entire shoot. We attempted to use a smoke flare for the last shots, but it didn’t really go as planned. Overall though- I am blown away with the photos and how beautiful Toni looks! Y’all know I typically specialize in color, but there’s something so compelling about shooting in black and white that just makes you rely on so much less. See my favorites below!

River Portraits | Dark Photography | Jordan Hefler
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