Online Workshops by Jordan Hefler

I am all about doing what you want, and I want to show you how to create authentically branded content that will leverage growth on your social media platforms.

Learn from me, a professional photographer, how to take and edit better photos with your phone for Instagram, optimize branded content to drive traffic to your website, and identify an authentic visual strategy for your digital presence.

Geared towards iPhone users, the online Do What You Want Workshops consist of the Mastering iPhoneography course, the Branding Authenticity course, and a discounted bundle of both courses, Create Killer Consistent Content.

Have full creative control, DO WHAT YOU WANT, and DO IT YOURSELF...all with your iphone.

Learn how to consistently create compelling, branded content and leverage it for social media- all with your phone.

In these online workshops, I will teach you how to:

  • Stage photos to create content

  • Take better photos with your phone, and then edit them to perfection

  • Identify your personal brand

  • Repurpose, optimize, and automate your content

  • Stay authentic while still having visual strategy on social media