DWYWR #19: MINISODE- WHO IS SHE? How Jordan got into Photography, What is SXSW, and Photographing Music Festivals / by Jordan Hefler

Do What You Want Radio with Jordan Hefler | A Podcast for Creatives

Welcome to my first solo episode! In this minisode, I quickly goes through how I got into photography, what SXSW is and why I go, and what to bring/prepare for when shooting a music festival.


  • How I got into photography

  • What SXSW is/how I got into photographing it

  • Photographing a Music festival- this blog post was mentioned! Check it out if you want links for stuff!

  • A lot of the brands I mentioned for SXSW were random ones and probably not all official SXSW events.…not sure why those are the ones that came to mind. In reality, some of the brands I photographed the most of were Daimler (Mercedes), Anheuser-Busch, Red Bull, Visible, and many more. The photo team I work on is specific to itself, but here’s a link with more info about the other photo crews. I’ll do a blog post of photos eventually.

  • DISCLAIMER- the company I talk about that puts on Voodoo Fest does not put on Bonnaroo! But that’s why I said don’t quote me on it.