DWYWR #43: Said Abusaud- Fighting Creative Boredom, Short Filmmaking, and Thinking Conceptually / by Jordan Hefler


In this episode, I interview Said Abusaud over Skype about fighting creative boredom and getting skilled in multiple different creative disciplines, inspirations for short films, and thinking about your work conceptually.

*Skype connection was really sketchy, so this episode has been heavily edited to maintain audio quality. 3 cheers for Said being extra patient and answering questions multiple times! I had to severely edit this episode so that everything would make sense and not sound glitchy, so bear with me when it still does sound a little funky.


  • Creative versatility and why it’s great to dabble in multiple different mediums

  • Creating a visual gallery collective of amazing artists in the Dallas area: Afterglow Gallery

  • The meaning behind art and the conceptual intentions put behind releasing artwork

  • Being extremely particular in who you work with

  • Inspirations for short films Said has made

  • Why you should release artwork whether or not you think it’s good because you never know who might be affected by it

  • How Said gets a lot of creative inspiration from dreams

  • Said’s obsession with Twin Peaks!

Here are some press pieces about Said and his project Afterglow Gallery:



http://afterglowgallery.com/ (website) https://www.instagram.com/afterglowgallery/ (instagram) According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Suicide is the tenth leading cause of deaths in the U.S. Pucker Up aims to spread mental health awareness as it showcases messages of the inner struggles individuals deal with when they're at war with themselves, but that outsiders would never suspect.

Keep up with Said and Afterglow Gallery at http://afterglowgallery.com/ and @afterglowgallery

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