DWYWR #40: Jacob Jolibois- Building an App, Taking Risks with a New Business, and Challenging Yourself Every Day / by Jordan Hefler

Do What You Want Radio | A Podcast for Creatives, Hosted by Jordan Hefler

In this episode, I interview Jacob Jolibois, co-founder of the on-demand lawncare app Block, about building digital products, taking risks when starting a new business, and striving to challenge yourself every day.


  • Co-founding the on demand lawncare app/service, Block

  • Leaving a comfortable full time job and venturing out into the unknown with a business partner

  • Digital product design and building an app

  • Getting married and having major life changes all within a short time frame

  • Making risky business transitions in order to pioneer something new

  • Getting accepted to be a part of the Louisiana Technology Park program

  • Why you shouldn’t burn bridges with business

  • The podcast Jacob used to put out called altBR and how he and his partner Abe Felix decided to stop releasing episodes after 115 of them

  • The logistics that go into starting a new business and building a robust on-demand lawncare app

  • What it’s like working with investors

  • “Take advantage of your anonymity.”

Read more about Block Lawncare services at https://www.blocklawncare.com/ and download the app free for Apple and Android

Keep up with Jacob and his creative endeavors at @jacobjolibois

Follow along with me at www.jordanhefler.com and @jordanhefler