DWYWR #39: Taylor Bennett of MESH: Cultivating a Positive Company Culture, Scaling a Company, and Why Brands Should Invest in Themselves / by Jordan Hefler

Do What You Want Radio | A Podcast for Creatives, Hosted by Jordan Hefler

In this episode I interview Taylor Bennett, CEO of the creative agency MESH, about why company culture and empowering your employees is important, how to scale a business organically, and the things brands shouldn’t skip over when it comes to branding.


  • How Taylor started a company in a garage with a friend and eventually scaled it to be what MESH is today

  • The book Creativity Inc. and how it’s about the positive company culture at Pixar

  • Getting to oversee the entire company and trusting your employees to do their job

  • Creating a company culture that empowers people to love their job and be good at it

  • Growing slow but growing steady

  • How brands that don’t invest in themselves will suffer

  • What services MESH can offer brands, but only if they’re in alignment

  • How content strategies are changing everyday as social platforms continue to change

  • How branding is more than just creating beautiful things

  • Educating yourself the best you can and then educating your clients

  • Some big news that is coming in the MESH world! Stay tuned and follow along for the updates!

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*MESH is currently hiring for some positions and they’re a great place to catch a creative internship! More info here.

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