DWYWR #38: Josh of Comfystone Films- Personality Marketing, Investing in the Future of your Brand, and the Creative Industry in Baton Rouge vs. New Orleans / by Jordan Hefler

Do What You Want Radio | A Podcast for Creatives, Hosted by Jordan Hefler

In this episode, I talk with Josh Owen of Comfystone Films about personality marketing, why brands should invest in their future by hiring creatives, and what the differences are in the creative industries of Baton Rouge vs. New Orleans.


  • Working in the film industry

  • Working with brands to identify their stories and

  • How putting yourself out there can be a way of marketing your personality

  • How editing plays such a big part in the overall final message of filmmaking

  • What it’s like to work in New Orleans and how the industry is in Louisiana in general

  • How New Orleans is a very “instant gratification culture” when it comes to being in the marketing industry

  • How Comfystone is trying to create a tribe with their movie night events

  • Some great examples of branding in New Orleans: French Truck, Krewe

  • The “Cozy Corner” and how it was inspired by NPR’s Tiny Desk series

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