DWYWR #37: Connor Lock of S E V E N- Growing Pains of Running a Business, Being More Helpful than Selfish, and Is the Content Creation Bubble Going to Burst? / by Jordan Hefler


In this episode, I interview Connor Lock of S E V E N about the hardships of starting and running a business, how you’ll be more successful if you can ask how you can help, and when is the content creation bubble going to burst?


  • Starting a brand and the growing pains that come with

  • Knowing when it’s time to ask for help and hire someone for your business

  • Living and working in Charleston

  • How studying graphic design in college lead to working to agencies and eventually bootstrapping SEVEN

  • Overcoming financial hardships 2 years into running a business

  • How being alone and being your worst critic can take a toll on your mental health

  • Why getting out of the house and putting yourself out there can lead to future work and opportunities

  • Having a “how can I help?” mentality rather than an “I want” mentality in the workplace and with your clients

  • When is the advertising bubble going to burst?

  • Having a longterm vision for your clients with the work you make for them

Keep up with Connor and his work at http://www.followseven.com/ and @7avisualcraftsman

Keep up with me at www.jordanhefler.com and @jordanhefler