DWYWR #28: Anne Milneck of Red Stick Spice- Evolving Your Brand, Making Cooking Accessible, and Pivoting Later in Life / by Jordan Hefler

Do What You Want Radio With Jordan Hefler

In this episode, I interview Red Stick Spice owner Anne Milneck about going to culinary school later in life, purchasing an existing business and evolving the brand, and making home cooking accessible to everyone.


  • How Anne decided to go to culinary school in her 40’s and what that process was like while being a mom

  • How she purchased an existing business/store, Red Stick Spice, and took over the brand to evolve it to what it is today

  • Why home cooking should be accessible and nothing to be ashamed of

  • I wish this podcast was sponsored by Blue Apron because we sure talked about it a lot… but just go to Red Stick Spice (or shop online) and purchase pre-portioned out ingredients because they do sell by weight!

  • How the words “wellness” and “healthy” have become complicated, loaded words

  • Why cooking curry is her favorite!

  • How you get spices from other countries and why “supporting local” is important but that everywhere is local for someone

  • Why Anne added cooking classes to the business model of Red Stick Spice

  • The popup dinner “Guts and Glory” that she hosts which benefits the Chrons and Colitis foundation of Louisiana since her son was diagnosed with the disease

  • Why writing and reading are both important to owning a business

  • This episode was recorded at Digital FX courtesy of Anne’s husband and the rats that were in my apartment at the time! Eeeek.

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