DWYWR #27: Kimberly Meadowlark- Synesthesia, Collecting Antiques, and Starting a Music Career / by Jordan Hefler


In this episode, I talk with Kimberly Meadowlark about doing art full time as a painter, photographer, and musician as well as having an antique business on the side and being affected by synesthesia.


  • Kimberly’s mediums she works with like abstract painting, photography, and music

  • How Kimberly and I both are affected by Synesthesia, a condition where you associate colors with sensory things.

  • Kim’s amazing music talent!!!!

  • How you can get inspiration from the weirdest places and how it comes and goes

  • Trying to balance being organized vs. putting too much pressure on creating deadlines for yourself

  • Why working for yourself doesn’t necessarily mean you have a ton of free time

  • Balancing being a parent with self care and being a parent

  • Trying to overcome the fear of being a musician to play shows in public

  • How Kimberly is coming out with an EP soon and starting to dabble in the music industry!

  • Why Kimberly changed her name

To keep up with Kimberly, follow @meadowlark.artistry and @meadowlark.photo and visit https://www.meadowlarkartistry.com/

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