DWYWR #26: Amanda Ramer- Studio Lighting, Self-Teaching, and Photography Gear / by Jordan Hefler

Do What You Want Radio with Jordan Hefler

In this episode, I chat with studio portrait photographer Amanda Ramer about lighting setups, photography gear, and how experimenting and self-teaching is the key to figuring out studio photography.


  • Studio photography- lighting setups, brands, and gear you need to get started

  • Speedlights vs. strobes

  • The client process of shooting with Amanda in a studio

  • Dream clients Amanda wants to work with

  • Resources like Felix Kunze and Paul Buff who have online education about studio lighting

  • Embarrassing stories about shooting with artificial lighting

  • Sticking with the same temperature bulbs when using multiple lights

  • Softboxes and different diffusing techniques

For more of Amanda, visit @amanda.ramer and https://amandaramer.com/
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