DWYWR #25: Rachel of So YaYa- Formulating Your Own Solution, Simple Skincare, and Making Time For Your Passion Project / by Jordan Hefler

Do What You Want Radio with Jordan Hefler

In this episode, Jordan interviews Rachel Laymoun of So YaYa, a small simple skincare business, about how to monetize solutions to your own problems, focus on self care, and create time for your passion project with a day job.


  • How getting pregnant and having skin problems turned into finding solutions for skin problems and eventually monetizing these solutions with starting a skincare business

  • How Rachel is an accountant by day and a skincare alchemist by night

  • Starting your own business and using trial and error as a method of making products

  • Why she doesn’t make products that require water

  • Appreciating your body and paying attention to self care

  • Utilizing local markets and events to sell your product

  • How So Yaya got its name

  • Why it’s important to patch test new products on your skin

Connect with So Yaya at @simplysoyaya and https://www.naturallysoyaya.com/
Shop products on Etsy and locally in Baton Rouge at:
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Mid City Makers Market
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