DWYWR #23: Katie Joy- Dealing with Mental Illness, Going Viral, and Vulnerability / by Jordan Hefler

Do What You Want Radio with Jordan Hefler

In this episode, Jordan interviews Katie Joy, a mental health advocate and photographer about dealing with mental illness, how staying transparent has helped her grow, and how vulnerability should not equal cancel culture.


  • Dealing with mental illness and how it how it has shaped her adult life

  • What happened when her college photography series “My Anxious Heart” went viral

  • How working to overcome mental illness has affected owning a photography business

  • Her opinions on medications and food based methods of coping

  • This book Atomic Habits by James Clear

  • Why we should be transparent and vulnerable and take criticism from a place of respect

  • Why cancel culture doesn’t do anybody any good

Connect with Katie Joy at @katiejoybonham, @adelphi.photo and https://valuedandloved.com/
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Apparently I've got an embroidery thing going on here. When I started this self-care series, I was sure it'd be 6 weeks long and I'd have all my ducks in a row and my layouts would be great and relatable. I wanted it to be a resource that people could access but I was also doing these things for the first time. . Today, I'm introducing the next tier of self-care... Emotional. Let's be real. I'm not going to finish this in 6 weeks. It's an ongoing process. Healing is not linear. I also haven't mastered or even ATTEMPTED any tiers after the first one. I'm doing this for the first time and I'm figuring it out. . For the intro to emotional self-care, let me give you what my therapist gave me this week: "you're so concerned with making sure that others understand their value and worth, but do you let yourself understand yours?" This week's session was pretty much a huge wake up call for me. It was a gut punch to realize that I do everything in my power to stay distracted when I'm alone with myself. I feel as though my life is meaningless unless there is a witness. . Let that sink in. . Are you with me? Do you feel that way? Do you feel like you're going and going and going, making sure that your life is meaningful for everyone around you but never really allow yourself to sit in the goodness and love and meaning that exists on its own? . This tier of self-care is going to get heavy... But I'm ready.

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