DWYWR #20: Bruna Mebs- Professional Illustrating, Staying Small, and Creating a Structure / by Jordan Hefler

Do What You Want Radio with Jordan Hefler

In this episode, I interview Bruna Mebs, a professional illustrator, writer, and ex-costume designer about having her processes, why she chooses to stay small, and how important it is to create a structure for yourself.


  • How Bruna is a professional illustrator and the types of projects she does for a living

  • Bruna’s past in the costume design industry for films!

  • Daily routines and why having a structure for yourself/your business is so important

  • Keeping your relationships somewhat separate from your business

  • Why Bruna chooses to stay small over working with bigger businesses

  • How Bruna is in the process of writing a novel!

Visit http://www.brunamebs.com and @brunamebs for more of Bruna
Visit www.jordanhefler.com and @jordanhefler for more of Jordan