DWYWR #16: Molly Taylor- Creating as a Musician and Jewelry Maker, Persistence, and Having a Brand Vision / by Jordan Hefler

Do What You Want Radio | A Podcast for Creatives, Hosted by Jordan Hefler

In this episode, I interview Molly Taylor, a musician and owner/designer of the jewelry company Beneath The Bark, about the creative process, being persistent, and having a vision for your brand.


  • Being a musician and also a jewelry maker/designer

  • How to deal with balancing the two

  • Growing as an artist

  • My dead blog called Groove Slang where I did an interview with Molly a while back

  • Songwriting and jewelry inspirations and how the two intersect

  • The shoots we’ve gotten to do together like this and this

  • Dealing with making custom orders by hand/where to get the wood/etc.

  • Writing songs about things that don’t make sense at the time but do later (hello, she’s psychic??)

  • How Beneath the Bark will be at New York Fashion Week!

  • Frustrations with designing jewelry by hand

  • Having a target client for your brand

  • Staying persistent through hard times and not giving up when you have a bad month or bad day

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