DWYWR #13: Ellen Ogden- Visual Art, Digital vs. Manual, and Art as Commercial Work / by Jordan Hefler

Do What You Want Radio | A Podcast for Creatives, Hosted by Jordan Hefler

In this episode I interview Ellen Ogden of Ellen Ogden Art about being a visual artist, digital vs. manual processes, and using chalkboard art, hand lettering, and murals to provide commercial work for businesses.

Ellen has done amazing work locally and regionally for Trader Joes, White Star Market, Dead Poet, and many more businesses!


  • Doing visual art for businesses like chalkboard art, murals, and hand lettering

  • Manual processes vs. digital processes and how they can work together for artists

  • Marketing yourself and getting over money blocks

  • Having personal projects to keep you sane and inspired

  • Egos and credit for your work

  • How Trader Joe’s has custom chalkboard art in their stores

  • How your work can change businesses and lives

  • Tuesdays Together (search FB for your local chapter- the Rising Tide Society is re-doing their website so I can’t really link it.) Baton Rouge chapter linked here.

  • How to “Marie Kondo” your business

  • Finding clients who trust what you do

Visit www.ellenogden.com and @ellenogdenart for more of Ellen
Visit www.jordanhefler.com and @jordanhefler for more of Jordan

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