DWYWR #1: Thomas Wimberly- Imposter Syndrome, Originality, and Creating For Yourself / by Jordan Hefler

Do What You Want Radio | A Podcast for Creatives, Hosted by Jordan Hefler

In this episode I talk with graphic designer/painter Thomas Wimberly about imposter syndrome, creative influences, why being original is "dead", and how to create for others while staying true to yourself.


  • Striving to stay original as an artist and not be consumed by your influences

  • Shepard Fairey

  • 1x RUN

  • The idea of “False Modesty”

  • Caring/not caring about what people think

  • Figuring out your style

  • Thomas’s move to Los Angeles

Visit www.thomaswimberly.com and @thomaswimberly for more of Thomas
Visit www.jordanhefler.com and @jordanhefler for more of Jordan

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