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Lil Wayne / Rae Sremmurd / The Dedication Tour / Music by Jordan Hefler

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a HUGE Lil Wayne fan. I'm a huge hip-hop fan in general, but in high school specifically I was obsessed with Lil Wayne. But really, who wasn't? I'm talking about the years that he was in his prime, think Tha Carter III & his No Ceilings mixtape (brings back the memories of getting my drivers license and driving around for no reason other than to rap 3 Peat as loudly as possible..alone in my beetle.. this still happens actually why am I reminiscing?)

When I heard that Lil Wayne and Rae Sremmurd were coming to the Cajundome in Lafayette, Louisiana a mere hour from me, I was like I HAVE TO COVER THIS SHOW. I didn't think it was going to end up happening, but long story short I was approved for a press pass about 3 hours before the concert and hightailed it out of work and to Laffy, blasting Weezy the entire way there. And made time to stop at Taco Bell for dinner, obviously.

I was so excited to photograph The Dedication Tour for Stitched Sound, but I will preface my excitement with the fact that this was my first experience shooting at the Cajundome, and upon arriving  I learned that press was only allowed to photograph Lil Wayne's performance from the soundboard (clear across the arena, behind about 200 fans on ground level.) I quickly realized that I was ill-equipped with the lenses I brought to photograph in such a short time limit (3 songs) from that far away. Therefore, my shots of Rae Sremmurd from the photo pit are a million times better than the ones of Lil Wayne. The lesson learned here? BRING A 70-200MM LENS TO ARENA SHOWS JUST IN CASE.

Anyways, it was still an awesome experience and I really love a lot of the photos that I came out with. Here's some of my favorites (Starting with Rae Sremmurd, ending with Lil Wayne)

*Any photographs re-posted must retain proper photo credit.

*Any photographs re-posted must retain proper photo credit.