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Mason Ramsey | Music Photography by Jordan Hefler

Mason Ramsey | Music Photography by Jordan Hefler

Sooo everyone remember that video of the boy yodeling in Wal-Mart that went viral last year?! I’ve been heavily invested in what Mason Ramsey has been up to since his life got turned upside down and went on the Ellen Show, performed at the Grand Ole Opry, and even Coachella. Mason is so so so talented (and also hilarious- his naivety at 12 years old + his personality/social media brand KILLS ME!!!) and I saw he was coming to the Texas Club here in Baton Rouge. I shot the show for Stitched Sound but I also was able to meet his marketing team and snag some shots of him from backstage as well.

When I walked into the green room, Mason was eating lots and lots of beignets (I think he said like 20?) and chugging a Red Bull. I knew immediately that he was your average 12 year old boy- but with almost 2 million followers on Instagram and a microphone. I fell in love with his stage performance (his voice is so spot on) and was able to chat with him for a second after the show. He likes to eat ice cubes and also likes that Baton Rouge has go-carts. I feel like we’d be friends if we were the same age. When I showed him my photos of him on my camera and said goodbye, he gave me a big ole’ hug and it was the sweetest thing. I hope to see great things from him in the future (I’m sure we will) and am so happy with the photos I was able to create.

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Mason Ramsey | Music Photographer, Jordan Hefler

Imagine Dragons in New Orleans | Music Photography by Jordan Hefler

Imagine Dragons in New Orleans | Music Photography | Jordan Hefler

I had the incredible opportunity to photograph Imagine Dragons last night for Interscope Records! With how big this band has gotten, I knew that this show would be an amazing one to shoot so I am so glad I had the opportunity to. I got some of my favorite shots in a while!

I used my 24-70mm 2.8 Sigma lens for 99% of the time, as it was a pit shoot and we were really close to the band most of the show. The production was just insane- back light, confetti, pyro, LED boards, front light, and smoke makes for a fun time in the music photography world. The band was also very fun to shoot on stage as they moved around the whole time!

Apparently the night before the New Orleans date the band played in Houston and the lead singer Dan lost his voice on stage, so there was a lot of speculation if they'd be able to play the NOLA show or not. Miraculously enough his voice came back and it ended up being a great performance. I only know the hits that Imagine Dragons has, but I would DEFINITELY recommend seeing them live if you're into a good time. They put on a fantastic show!

Grace VanderWaal (the 14 year old girl who won America's Got Talent a few years ago) opened the show and she was also really impressive.

Sidenote- I edited these with my presets from the #MyChromaticPresets pack on Lightroom. If you're into color like me, definitely give them a try! You can get them here.

All photos © Jordan Hefler for Interscope. Credit must be present if reposted anywhere.

Imagine Dragons in New Orleans | Music Photography | Jordan Hefler