Underoath in New Orleans | Music Photography by Jordan Hefler

Underoath in New Orleans | Music Photography | Jordan Hefler

The other day I got the opportunity to photograph Underoath for Stitched Sound in New Orleans (review linked here!)

For all you emo kids, you know that Underoath is LEGENDARY and has been a staple in the music scene for a long long time now. They were really big when I was in middle school, and after some ups and downs over the past decade, they’re finally back together and releasing new music.

It’s been a crazy, busy, STRESSFUL time for me lately and as cheesy as it sounds, this show was pretty much the highlight of my month. I’ve actually been listening to them nonstop since the show because the live performance was that good. Sometimes you go to a concert and it’s like an out of body experience- I’ve only been to a few shows like that and this was definitely one of them.

Here are my fave shots from the show below! SIDENOTE- as a photographer I always feel super guilty when I get too many shots of the singer. I try to be mindful of that when I’m shooting, but sometimes that’s just the way it goes. When you’re in the pit for only 3 songs you tend to gravitate towards the action, the way the lighting falls on the band members, the layout of their stage presence, and where you can maneuver yourself in the pit around the other photographers. I regret getting so many of Spencer and not getting more shots of the rest of the band. Sorry Underoath you’re all great!!

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Underoath in New Orleans | Music Photography | Jordan Hefler

Vans Warped Tour / New Orleans / Music by Jordan Hefler

Alright alright alright, this blog post has been a long time coming. I have literally been trying to go to Vans Warped Tour since I was like, 15 years old. I'm 23 now! Going to high school in the Lake Charles, LA area pretty much made Houston the closest stop on the tour to me.... which means a parent would have to drive me all the way there, I'd have to find friends who even wanted to go with me, and I'd have to have time in the summer to go. Every year since high school through college the lineup would be announced and I'd be like DANG IT *cheer camp* DANG IT *student council camp* DANG IT *sorority rush* etc. This year, they announced that the tour would be rolling through New Orleans for the first time in like 10 years or something like that, and I was like oh heck yeah not only am I taking off work and GOING, I am GOING TO SHOOT IT AND I DON'T CARE WHO TRIES TO STOP ME!

Did you know that today is World Photo Day? Happy World Photo day.

Did you know that today is World Photo Day? Happy World Photo day.

I ended up getting to photograph the New Orleans date for Tune Fix, and I had a freaking blast. It was my first time to finally get to go, and it was also my boyfriend's first time too. We both listen to 99% of the bands on this tour....so it was basically the most exciting day of all time.

Me, Christian, and Pat & Garrett of The Maine

Me, Christian, and Pat & Garrett of The Maine

Elijah Witt of Cane Hill is always so nice with his hand gestures when he greets us. We were waiting in line to go in and had to pee so bad... thanks for letting us pee on your bus, Cane Hill.

Elijah Witt of Cane Hill is always so nice with his hand gestures when he greets us. We were waiting in line to go in and had to pee so bad... thanks for letting us pee on your bus, Cane Hill.

Unfortunately I have had oodles of back issues lately (another blog post to be written when I know more, but that's coming soon) so I was very nervous about walking around a festival with heavy camera gear around my neck and on my back while it's 1908309168 billion degrees outside and muggy in the Louisiana heat. It was a rough day, I'm not going to lie... but I think the only way I survived was my pumping adrenaline, and my giant Dasani water bottle I kept filling up and then leaving everywhere. Oh, and also my "Make America Emo Again" hat that I bought from one of my fave bands, The Maine. They're the best. And they have the best merch. I get so many compliments on this hat, so I'm linking where you can get it here. You're welcome.


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Anyways, I'm slacking as per usual with updating the blog posts and I know this is a late one, but there are a TON of photos below. It was just a very overwhelming day on a personal level as a fan, and also as a photographer trying to catch as much as possible. I got to photograph 19 bands (some more than others because I was running around like a crazy person) and I am super happy with a lot of the images I got! I must say... I'm not as big of a fan of outdoor festivals because there's no cool stage lighting. And I am soo inspired by stage production and lighting. This was kind of refreshing though, because it made it more of a challenge to shoot, and I ended up liking a lot more of my images in black and white when it came time to edit them. Unfortunately, some bands got the shaft and had to perform indoors or after it got darker, so my photos aren't as good (ahem ahem, Knuckle Puck, New Found Glory, Emarosa) which is unfortunate because I love all of these bands.

It was also kind of a breakthrough for me to finally get to shoot SOMETHING! I had been getting denied for show after show before, and I was getting really discouraged. It was so much fun to be able to not only finally get approved for something, but for a festival that means so much to me and has all the bands that I actually listen to. It was even more exciting to see the response on social media from the bands that liked my photos and reposted them. I'm hoping to gain some more momentum here in the fall with concerts, but my approvals are in the hands of the almighty PR Gods... stay tuned and we'll see what happens next!

Thanks @jordan.hefler 😎

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