Saosin / Music / by Jordan Hefler

I remember being 14 and on a charter bus going to Orlando, Florida on a band trip (yes, I play trumpet.. I actually always forget that I do and that band was a major part of my life back in the day) listening to my iPod Nano. My friend Corey had made me a mix CD before the trip, and of course those mix CDs didn't retain the track names when you ripped them onto your iTunes library. Sooo I had the luxury of listening to awesome songs like "Track 03" and had no idea who or what I was actually listening to. After I came back from the trip I remember finding out that the song that I was most obsessed with on the CD was by a band called Saosin. I remember looking them up on Myspace (ah, the good days) and becoming hooked.

Back then, I was somewhat of a "song killer." Meaning, I would find songs I liked and play them to death. I usually wouldn't listen to albums in their entirety: I would just flip through songs and decide fairly quickly if I liked them or not. Then I would play them on repeat until I couldn't stand them anymore. I'd take a break from the song for a few months, find it again, get re-obsessed, and the cycle would continue. I could sing all the words to one song on the album but not be able to name another song title at all. I was always terrified some music hipster was going to quiz me on my fandom and I would fail and they would call me a poser (I'm still scared of this, btw.) This is how I lived my life mostly up until about a few years ago, when I started really listening to albums as a whole and thinking about artists' visions in the same way that I think about bodies of photographic work that I have made.

It's fair to say I was obsessed with the few songs I knew by Saosin, but I never really dug deeper into their other songs or albums, which is so weird because they're one of my favorite bands now. This is also the reason why I had a huge lightbulb go off in my head when my boyfriend mentioned to me something about the singer Anthony Green being in Circa Survive. He likes to play this game with me in the car where he plays a song and quizzes me on "WHAT CHORD IS THAT? GO!" or "WHICH BAND IS THIS? GO!" I incorrectly answered that some Saosin song was Circa Survive or something, and he was like wait you never knew??? I'd been listening to Saosin and Circa Survive all these years and never put two and two together that there were 2 different singers in Saosin and that Anthony Green was the singer in both. SUE ME. This also brings me back to the time that the wheelchair Jimmy memes started circulating and I was like wow, that guy looks just like Drake (sometimes I'm just a little slow, IDK) My boyfriend also makes fun of the way I say "Saosin." Now this blog post is just turning into a strange composite of all the mistakes I've made in my past, MOVING ON...

After all of my revelations at 23 that I should have known many years ago, I was very excited to learn that Anthony Green was back making new music with Saosin and that they were coming to NEW ORLEANS! The show was amazing and nostalgic and great, except for it was pouring down rain and we walked 10 minutes to the Howlin Wolf from Harrah's casino (did you know if you park at Harrah's and play for 30 min your parking is free? This is a wise strategy when you play penny slots) and we got completely soaked walking there. I was scared my camera equipment would be soggy but it was all good!

Side note: they just released this new song called The Silver String and I legitimately listen to it like 6 times a day. I'm doing my old song killing thing again... I've added it to this new playlist on Spotify along with some of my other favorite Saosin songs (which is pretty much all of them) but feel free to follow the playlist on Spotify below:


Here are shots of the opener, LIMBS and then Saosin with original lead vocalist Anthony Green.

Photographed for Stitched Sound.

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