Third Eye Blind / Music / by Jordan Hefler

I have been pumped about these photos for a while, but just haven't been able to sit down until now to finally get them up on this blog! I really don't have much to say about this concert except for that Third Eye Blind was AMAZING and that I was only able to shoot from one spot (no pit at the venue) for the whole time. The benefit of the no pit thing at a venue is that you can usually shoot for however long you want (usually there's a 3 song rule) but the downside is that you are packed in when it's a sold out show and you usually have to annoy a few people along the way. Naturally, this show was sold out and the venue was CRAZY packed. I only stayed for about 5 songs up front when I decided I'd go further back to get more crowd shots... nope. Too crowded. By then I had made it so far back that I pretty much was going out the door, and I was not about to try to get back to the front and combat the crowd. I wish I would have stayed for more, but I was really excited to get home and edit what I had shot! The lighting was insane and these are some of my favorite live shots. They also re-posted my photo onto their Instagram page and *hallelujah* credited me!

Side Note- the opener was called Bad Bad Hats and they were awesome. The first few photos are of them! The rest are of TEB and there's a bunch... so brace yourselves!

Photographed at The Varsity Theatre in Baton Rouge on March 30, 2016 for Stitched Sound. Photos must retain proper credit if re-posted anywhere. Holla if you'd like to buy prints!

Photographed at The Varsity Theatre in Baton Rouge for Stitched Sound. Photos must retain proper credit if re-posted anywhere.