The Renaissance / by Jordan Hefler

Piccadilly Circus / London, England / November 2009

Piccadilly Circus / London, England / November 2009


I have been in the real world with a Photography degree for about 6 months now. Every day it is becoming more apparent to me that in order to stay inspired, I need to stay working. There are no off days for artists… which can be depressing, but liberating at the same time.  Whether I am photographing a family for their Christmas card, re-editing photographs I made when I was 15, or simply posting a well composed thought on Instagram, it is important that I keep working no matter what.

In one way, the launch of this website is a business strategy for myself, but it is also a re-birth of something that has been building inside of me for the past few months.

I have titled the blog component of this website "recent" because I want it to be just that: a catalog of recent happenings in my life and business. Good times, bad times (Led Zeppelin pun there) new work, old work, people or things I find interesting or exciting… this will be its new home.

I hope you join me in this renaissance of my work. Feel free to comment, connect with me on social media, or contact me. I would love to hear from you!