Thanksgiving / 2016 / by Jordan Hefler

Today is Thanksgiving and historically, it's usually my least favorite holiday. Not a whole lot goes down with my family on Thanksgiving. My mom basically just makes a whole ordeal about the fancy meal that could feed an army, we eat, and then everybody falls asleep on the couch. I don't want to sound insensitive, because I am super thankful for lots of things, and I do love me some cornbread dressing. But I'm usually just all about Halloween and then I skip on to thinking about Christmas (sorry, I know some people hate people like me.)

Anyways, this year was the same as usual- we ate, we chilled, we went and got my Grandmere from her nursing home, my brother's friend Cody came over for a bit to toss the pigskin, the end. My Grandmere is currently going through the long sad process of dementia, so I'm finding that it's more important to document her whenever I get to see her. I've actually done a few projects on her during this process in the past (see my 2012 project "between" and 2014 project "remainder / reminder") Every day is different with her, but today she was in a great mood and kept giggling about everything. My favorite part of the day was when she picked a flower from a bush in our back yard, then decided to blow her nose on a kleenex and throw it into the rosebush. Why? Who knows. Somehow my dad ended up with the flowers behind his ears though. I thought the lighting was nice for a while, so I busted out my camera to entertain myself for a bit. I'm trying to learn how to just sit around without getting restless (it's not going well because I ended up doing a lot of work on my computer today too...woops)

Speaking of being restless, I am having spinal disc replacement surgery this upcoming Wednesday on my neck! I talked about my never ending back pain saga in a previous blog post a few months ago, and sadly my problems have declined since then. Good thing is that my surgery is all lined up and *knock on wood* everything should feel much better afterwards. However, I will be out of commission for a bit which is why I am not booking any other portraits through the rest of the year. Now taking recommendations for good ways to pass the time while wearing a neck collar, because I'm going to get real bored real quick over the next few weeks.

So anyways, enjoy some of these photos of my family and from around the house. FYI, I had to stand on a wheelbarrow in my heels to get those pics of the leaves. So worth it though.

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all! XOXO Jordan