Hellllo everyone!

SO during all the black friday madness, I pulled the trigger and purchased a new camera that I had been saving up for for a while now (SHOUT OUT to Cameta Camera for having a killer deal on a kit!) It was supposed to be sent to my house today between 1-5, so I took off a half day of work so I could be at my house when it got delivered. Well... it ended up getting delivered a day early, and I had already taken off so I was like why not play with it this afternoon!

For all you camera nerds out there, I have been shooting with a Nikon D5100 this whole time with a variety of DX lenses. I just upgraded to a D750, and with that it looks like I'll be upgrading to some FX lenses as well. For now, my 50mm works on it with no vignetting, and everything else seems to work for me in crop mode (for the meantime.)

I wanted to play with my new camera before I used it on the many shoots I have this weekend, so I reverted back to my 14 year old self and took photos of stuff in my room! I used to always do this and it's one of the main ways I learned how to use the camera. (I'm glad I did this to test too because once I imported the photos onto my computer I realized the camera was automatically set to record in JPEG, not RAW, so long story short my highlight recovery/editing of these photos wasn't great. But it's fixed now for the future, which is the whole reason why I wanted to experiment!)

ANYWAYS, this blog post is full of photos of my room mainly to play with my new camera, and also to show y'all where I edit all of your photos! I live with my brother (ew) in a condo (ugh) but my room is my little corner of the world and it makes me happy :) Also this forced me to clean it up!!!

Also I collect clowns. OK BYE!

holla @ Adam Elmakias (photographer) & Vic Fuentes (of Pierce the Veil) for making it onto my bulletin board and into this post..