Slaves / Myka Relocate / Music / by Jordan Hefler

Still trying to catch up with these blog posts (you can put that on my headstone) and maybe I never will, but this is the first time I am being lapped! I photographed 5 bands a while back in Lafayette at The District: Viridian, Amoretta, Outline in Color, Myka Relocate, and Slaves. Since then, Slaves has broken up to go on a hiatus due to band differences and lead singer Jonny Craig continuing his road to sobriety, and Myka Relocate is actually playing at The District AGAIN tonight... and I'm going (duh they're awesome.) I feel so embarassed that I still haven't blogged about these awesome photos I got and here I am about to shoot one of the bands again tonight. Maybe one day I will be on top of my shiz a little more. I'm trying!

It was my first time at The District, and this place had some cool lights. Shout out to the lighting guy there, please grace me with your talents again tonight. Below are my favorites, so check em' out and expect another blog post eventually with more photos of Myka Relocate!

Photographed for Stitched Sound. Photos must retain proper credit if re-posted anywhere.