Red Hot Chili Peppers / Music / by Jordan Hefler

I'd like to give a HUGE shout out to Warner Bros Records. If they ever run a contest... you should totally enter it. Because I won 2 floor tickets and a photo pass to photograph Red Hot Chili Peppers in New Orleans last night, and it was EPIC.

You might remember me complaining about shooting Jazzfest last spring in New Orleans. I attempted to photograph RHCP from the crowd (pro tip: never shoot from the crowd at Jazzfest because you will die) and it was an absolutely terrible day. I barely got any photos, I got stuck in the massive crowd for hours waiting for them to come on, and I never go to pee or eat that day. I don't know how I didn't get trampled. I was alone with all my heavy camera stuff trapped in the middle of thousands of people in 100 degree heat. It was absolutely MISERABLE. Warner Bros Records was having a contest on their Facebook page where you should post in the comments why you should get to photograph RHCP in your city. So I posted one of the photos from Jazzfest and explained my experience and how I wanted to properly shoot them from a photo pit. A few weeks later I had a notification that I won! Better yet, they didn't just give me a photo pass, but 2 tickets. So I told my boyfriend we were going, and we didn't realize till we got there that they were freaking 2ND ROW TICKETS. He had a blast. I got great photos this time around. All in all, it was a WAY better experience then the last time I shot them. I'm still in shock that I got to even see them twice in one year.

Do yourself a favor and put on your fave RHCP album and scroll below for my favorite shots! Thanks again to Warner Bros Records for the wonderful opportunity!