Quality Branded Content = Business / by Jordan Hefler

Quality Branded Content = Business | Jordan Hefler


I wholeheartedly believe that great photos can completely transform and carry a brand.

Photography has always been important for businesses when it comes to advertising and marketing a product or improving brand awareness. However, in this day and age with content creation and social media, I truly believe that it has become infinitely more important than it ever has before.

When your average Joe wants to learn more about your product or brand what’s the first thing they do? Probably Google you and visit your website, or more likely in 2018 they’re looking for your brand on Instagram. It doesn’t matter if your company sells shoes or juices or toilet paper- consumers are online so that’s where you or your brand needs to be. And if that’s where everyone needs to be, it’s obviously going to be a crowded market. To stand out amongst the noise and become successful on a social media platform, it is inherently important that your content be visually appealing.

Visually appealing content or great photography is one of the first steps towards building a trusted following, driving traffic, and converting fans or consumers to customers over time.

I got to do a guest post about how photography affects branding on the Visual Branding Group blog, so click here to see how I break it down! (hope this doesn’t get too nerdy!)

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