Pierce the Veil / Neck Deep / I Prevail / Music / by Jordan Hefler

Hello! I'm recovering from my neck surgery and all is well. The good thing about this awkward recovery period is that I have 2 weeks alone at home where I'm not allowed to drive anywhere. So guess who's sitting in bed as we speak trying to catch up on all the blogging?

In September I got to photograph some of my FAVORITE bands ever. Words cannot explain how much Pierce the Veil and Neck Deep mean to me (fun fact- I wore my Neck Deep shirt to my neck surgery because I'm a nerd and thought that was funny...anyways) the fact that they were on tour together and came through New Orleans was the most perfect thing ever. I was also introduced to their opener, I Prevail, who also put on an amazing performance.

Below are some of my favorite images from the night, and you can read my recap of the night on Stitched Sound here.

Photographed at the House of Blues in New Orleans, Louisiana for Stitched Sound. All photos © Jordan Hefler. Credit must be present if re-posted anywhere. Stay tuned for a Best of 2016 blog post soon!