Fall Out Boy / AWOLNATION / PVRIS / MUSIC / by Jordan Hefler

These photos are long overdue for a blog post- but I'm getting caught up!

You've probably seen me posting a lot of these over the past month. I think I actually photographed this concert exactly a month ago tomorrow. I had been hearing through the grapevine that it was extremely competitive amongst photographers to get approved to shoot this tour, so it was very humbling to be offered a photo pass!

I was really excited to shoot this concert...mostly for the opener. I'm actually a HUGE fangirl of the band PVRIS. When I discovered their music, I guess they had just kind of started out and I'm going to get on my hipster high horse and say that I was around for the beginning (pre-Jimmy Kimmel madness, pre-Warped Tour main stage sellout, pre-arena tour) and I joined this weird fan group on Facebook called the PVRIS CVLT. Most the girls in there are like 13 and obsessed with the lead singer Lynn. Sometimes I wonder if I should leave the group because it gets a little creepy in there..but I guess I'm obsessed with Lynn too because she is the coolest. ANYWAYS I had been wanting to shoot them since like, last summer. I didn't know if I'd ever get the chance because they got so big so fast, and BOOM the day before the concert I got my approval email! I honestly don't know much about AWOLNATION (besides that song SAAAAILLLL!) but knew they would be cool to shoot, and then obviously everyone knows who Fall Out Boy is. I spent most of my middle school years denouncing the fact that I liked FOB (but secretly I was obsessed with "Sugar We're Goin Down" and "Dance Dance".) My best friend in high school was pretty behind the times and discovered them when we were in 9th grade, so I got to relive the madness through her and then eventually decided I liked their music a lot. Since then, they have grown to be this huge, arena touring band with songs on ESPN commercials and what not. It was insane to see them in this setting, when all I could think about was Pete Wentz's face plastered in magazine photos all over my friend Erin's bedroom back in '07.

Anyways, I'm mostly happy with the way my photos turned out! I have recently been setting the bar really high with my photos (for my personal standards) so it's getting harder and harder to push myself. I feel like I could have done (much) better with my PVRIS and AWOLNATION photos, but I really am in love with most of the moments I captured of Fall Out Boy! They had this really cool fake snow that fell from the ceiling during the first song, which was great since I only got to shoot the first 3 songs of each band. It made for some really epic visuals!

It was also really amazing that Instagram's official Music account reached out to me asking if they could post this shot of Joe Trohman on their social media channels. Of course I accepted, and it was featured on the Instagram blog, the @music page, and on Twitter!

Photographed for Stitched Sound at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans, LA.

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