Knock Knock Children's Museum / Opening Day / by Jordan Hefler


If you know me you know I'm basically a large child. I don't think I ever matured past age 7 really. I had been keeping tabs on this brand new children's museum opening in Baton Rouge (I know that sounds creepy, but when you see the photos you'll understand why) and every time I drove by I was like WOW that place is so colorful and epic! How will I ever get to see the inside without having a child with me? My prayers were answered when I was asked last minute to photograph their grand opening- phew, no more stress about how I could get inside. Haha.

I really love how lighthearted this day was. Besides the fact that the press conference was outside and it was about 6000 degrees, everything was perfect. The governor was there, the mayor was there, a billion cameras were there live streaming the event- it's a huge deal that Knock Knock is opening in Baton Rouge. Can't wait to see how it brings the community together and transforms tourism to the city.

I enjoyed getting to photograph the kids playing and take in all the amazing architecture and color! The next best thing to getting to play in the museum is getting to photograph kids playing. If you have children or if you're a teacher- bring them here. They'll never get bored.

Thanks again to Knock Knock for having me! My favorite images are below!

All images photographed for Knock Knock Children's Museum.

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