How to Sync Lightroom Presets to the Mobile App / by Jordan Hefler

How to Sync Lightroom Presets to the Mobile App | Jordan Hefler

Did you hear the news?! Lightroom has been making some changes over the past can now access all of your Lightroom presets onto the mobile app! You've been able to do this for a while, but you used to have to do a confusing workaround to hack the system. Now with Lightroom CC, you can get to them sooo much easier.

I'm still a way bigger fan of Lightroom Classic over Lightroom CC, but for the sake of being able to get the presets onto my iPhone I'm definitely going to be playing with Lightroom CC more.

How to Sync Lightroom Presets to the Mobile App | Jordan Hefler

If you have access to Lightroom CC, here's all you have to do:

1. Open Lightroom CC on desktop

2. Click "File-> Import Presets"

3. Import those presets that you've either purchased or made on Lightroom Classic (access them in Lightroom Classic by right clicking on them in the develop mode and saying "show in finder."

4. Open the FREE Lightroom mobile app on your phone

5. VOILA! Click "Presets" in the bottom toolbar next to all of the editing functions. You should now have all of your presets there under "User Presets!"

This is totally going to change the game for those of us who edit a certain way on the computer and have always struggled to match up our iPhone editing workflow. I teach about this in my online Mastering iPhoneography workshop, but I also just released presets as well!

Watch this video if you are still stuck and don't forget to check out #MyChromaticPresets below!

"My Chromatic Presets" Pack

If you’ve been following along with #MyChromaticLife on Instagram and liked the tones, you can now have them for yourself! The “My Chromatic Presets” pack includes 5 color presets + 2 black and white presets, ranging from normalized to retro tones.

These presets can be imported to Lightroom Classic or Lightroom CC. If you have Lightroom CC, you can sync them onto the free mobile app and edit right on your phone! In order to successfully edit, you should have a basic understanding of Lightroom or photo editing. If you do not, please go take my Mastering iPhoneography course! You also need access to a computer to download these presets before transferring them to the free mobile Lightroom app. 

These presets are not recommended for commercial or product photography and will need tweaking depending on your image/lighting situation/camera. Modify them to your liking and have fun!

All preset sales are final. Digital products cannot be returned.

How to Sync Lightroom Presets to the Mobile App | Jordan Hefler