How Food Discipline Influenced My Productivity / by Jordan Hefler

How Food Discipline Influenced My Productivity | Jordan Hefler

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog post about Whole30 and my experiences with doing it. I talked about how I NEVER cook and how I am completely incompetent in the kitchen. My mom is basically Martha Stewart and can whip up whatever in a moment's notice, and I've always deferred away from being that way (mostly out of stubbornness because I refuse to be a Suzie Homemaker) but also because I really just hate cooking.

I did Whole30 again this past January and at the same time, I was creating and putting together my online Do What You Want Workshops. January is typically a slow time for me as a photographer, so I spent almost every day glued to my computer trying to build online digital products instead. Since I was in the midst of Whole30, it was easier if I just stayed home to eat whatever was compliant and worked on my computer. Enter Blue Apron.

My friend let me know that Blue Apron, the popular subscription based meal service, was doing a limited time partnership with Whole30 approved meals. She had a link for me to get my first few meals free so I figured why not? They started rolling in and I was super intimidated. Each meal can be made under 45 minutes, and they send you a complete box with all of the pre-portioned out ingredients of the best of what's available as well as a recipe sheet with step by step instructions on how to make it. I did not have high hopes and was honestly pretty skeptical (because I suck in the kitchen and also already had negative connotations of previous cooking experiences) but to my disbelief I really really enjoyed everything they started to send me. AND I didn't mess up any of the recipes which blew my mind! If anyone was going to screw this up, it was me. 

How Food Discipline Influenced My Productivity | Jordan Hefler

After making a few really great meals, I also realized that I was becoming so much more disciplined in my work as well. Being disciplined in your food choices can really affect everything else. I have been more productive in the past month than I was in the past six months, no lie. I truly believe that part of this stemmed from being restricted to only getting to eat certain things throughout my day. This forced me to think and plan ahead, and to eliminate distractions like social situations (I usually eat out like every meal) and stick to staying home. I cranked out so much work and had laser focus. I really believe this also has to do with the TYPE of food you're restricted to during Whole30 (you're cutting out all the bad stuff so your brain is super refreshed) and Blue Apron helped make that even tastier and easier.

How Food Discipline Influenced My Productivity | Jordan Hefler

I remember listening to a podcast where someone was being interviewed about being a Business Coach. I don't remember who it was or exactly what he said, but basically it boiled down to him saying something along the lines of how he didn't take on a new client until he knew that they already had discipline around their health, because once you're disciplined with your health you are more apt to take on discipline in other aspects of your life. That always stuck with me and although I am STILL STRUGGLING with getting it together in my personal life (via food and exercise) I do believe that I saw a glimpse of getting it together in my business by way of being disciplined for a month of eating. I have already gone a little buck wild since I've finished Whole30 (Mardi Gras mentality, y'all) but I know that I am going to continue doing Blue Apron for now because it gives me something to look forward to during the week.

How Food Discipline Influenced My Productivity | Jordan Hefler

I bring my bluetooth speaker into the kitchen, put on a podcast, and get to cooking something that I know will be good and good for me. I feel accomplished when I'm done and more clearheaded than ever. And literally everything I've made has been SO DELICIOUS. Stuff I'd never dream of ordering anywhere or buying ingredients to make. I kind of feel like Blue Apron is like the lunch lady at the cafeteria, she's like "ok you're having this today." Which is nice. Less decision making is better for me haha.

Some of the meals I've made that have been so good have been:

Steaks & Warm Lemon Salsa Verde (with roasted sweet potato & broccoli)

Seared Salmon & Harissa Vegetables (with roasted red onion vinaigrette)

Crispy Chicken & Italian Tomato Sauce (with potatoes & collard greens)

Chicken & Orange-Kale Salad (with spicy Tahini dressing)

annndddd Roasted Chicken & Rosemary Vegetables (with olive-lemon sauce) which is what I took some photos of to add to this blog post.

How Food Discipline Influenced My Productivity | Jordan Hefler

So the moral of the story is that if you are wanting to GET IT TOGETHER in 2018, I think a great starting point is with your daily food habits. Getting some restrictions (maybe not as intense as Whole30) in your life can really help to tighten the leash on your productivity in general. I am nooooo food nutritionist or poster child for healthy living, but I think doing Whole30 and incorporating Blue Apron has given me a really easy way to inject routine and discipline into my life. And Blue Apron is letting me give $30 off to everyone who uses my link for their first order!

Side note- I also took and edited ALL of these photos with my phone using the tactics taught in my Mastering iPhoneography course! If you haven't looked into the Do What You Want Workshops, there's more information here. 

What do you guys do in your daily life to help discipline your productivity? Does it involve food or a routine or what? I'd love to hear!

How Food Discipline Influenced My Productivity | Jordan Hefler