Forever Warped / Vans Warped Tour 2017 / by Jordan Hefler


I hadn't even gotten a chance to get my Vans Warped Tour photos up onto the blog from this past July, and then yesterday I read the news that 2018 will be the last year the tour will run. I am literally so bummed. I always grew up wanting to attend Vans Warped Tour because all of my favorite bands were always on the lineup. I finally got the chance to go and shoot for my first time last year and I had an incredible time. Surprisingly enough, from posting that blog post last year I was discovered by the 4FINI team (Kevin Lyman's company who runs Warped Tour) and was asked to be a part of the graphic design/marketing team for the past year. I remember FREAKING OUT when I got the email! It literally came to me a day after I announced I was leaving my full time job, so it was some crazy universe voodoo. Throughout the past year, I got to do all kinds of odds and end stuff, which was really cool to see behind the scenes in the year leading up to announcing the tour.

After the New Orleans date was cancelled last minute this summer, I was able to shoot for the marketing team in Houston in July. Going from never attending Warped to getting to drive to Houston and shoot with an all access pass/eat backstage at catering at the same tables as the bands I had been listening to since middle school was INSANITY.

Here are some of my favorite shots from the day along with some of the stuff I got to design throughout the year!

RIP Warped Tour, you'll forever be some of my favorite memories, and thanks to 4FINI for giving me the amazing opportunity to be a part of it even just for a second.

*Designs are made with images purchased by Vans Warped Tour for marketing usage (not my photographs)