Erin / FRIENDS Themed Bridal Shower / by Jordan Hefler


Okay now that I got that out of the way, I can announce that my best friend is getting married this fall and I'm a bridesmaid! As you all probably know, I am not the most fond of weddings nor wedding related activities. Just not my cup of tea. I'd rather be at a rock concert. Or like clipping my toenails or something. But when it's your good friend and she's having a Friends themed bridal shower, obviously it's going to be pretty awesome.

Erin is really close to my family and me and my other high school friends, so it was really refreshing for all of us to be together again. Also it was really refreshing to drink copious amounts of champagne. Shout out to the MOH Charlie and Erin's family for putting on a really photogenic Friends themed shower! I brought my camera to document the party (while also being about 6 mimosas deep, but you know bridesmaid duties call) so I figured I'd put together this blog post with what I got!

So to wrap all of this up, it was a really great afternoon with good friends and food. Almost all of the decorations were handmade by Charlie and Erin's Family! The He's Her Lobster cake topper was found on Etsy, and the adorable (and delicious) Friends cookies were made by the Cajun Cookie Lady.

But another disclaimer....I'm still not interested in shooting weddings. I have a long list of talented photographers who do a great job at that and I would be happy to refer you to that list if you ask! However, I will totally photograph your engagements, bridals, parties etc. beforehand. Especially if you're as cool of a bride as Erin (seriously not everyone can casually wear glitter lips to their bridal shower and make it that normal.) Stay tuned in coming months for her bridal portraits! :)