Spring Portraits | Seniors 2018 / by Jordan Hefler

Spring Portraits | Seniors 2018 | Jordan Hefler

Ok so I've photographed 100+ senior portraits over the past few years, so you can probably understand that I had gotten a *bit* burned out on doing them. This spring I took way less bookings so I could focus more on other aspects of my business, and it made me appreciate them so much more! I'm happy to share some of my favorite spring senior images from the past few months, and I congratulate them all on graduating!

If you're a spring grad and didn't get a chance to book your portraits- no worries, there's still time AFTER your ceremony to get something scheduled and you can always use the photos to send out for your Thank You cards! Contact me for booking and availability!

LSU Senior Portraits in Baton Rouge, Louisiana | Jordan Hefler