CONGRADS / LSU Seniors / by Jordan Hefler

CONGRADS (lol get it) to all of my LSU Senior graduates of the fall class of 2014! I tend to shoot a lot of seniors and I am grateful for each and every one of you choosing me to document this time in your life.. also because I just graduated in May and am going through the same time in MY life!

Adulthood (I use that term loosely- I'm only 22) is weird but fun. Graduating is super scary but not much has to change right away so don't get too overwhelmed! I'm learning that you if you pretend to know what you're doing you eventually will... so in the meantime, do it all! I enjoyed hanging out with all of you during your sessions and hearing about your majors and plans after college! If any of you ever want to get coffee with me or something and talk about how our futures are uncertain, lemme know! Here are my favorite photos of all of my graduates from this fall semester! (P.S. let's get some men up in here for the spring, eh?) Enjoy!

XOXO Jordan