Christian / Skateboarding / by Jordan Hefler

If any of you follow me on Instagram (@jordan.hefler) or Snapchat (jordanhefler), you probably noticed that I went to the skate park this weekend. You also probably noticed that I'm obsessed with my boyfriend. Not only is he my best friend, he is one of my favorite humans/photographic muses. Christian is an unbelievably talented guitar player which is partly why we get along so well (hello, I love music and I play guitar and I like to photograph musicians...) and it turns out that he also is a really talented skateboarder! It's been a few years since Christian's SK8R BOI days in middle school, but he really impressed me with his skills on Saturday at Baton Rouge's Skate Park. I'm a sucker for the following: Skater boys, playing outside, and most of all GREAT EVENING LIGHT. We showed up to the park around 7PM and I couldn't have asked for better lighting. The sun and sky were absolutely beautiful. I even took the sweet photo below with my iPhone!

ANYWAYS, it was super fun for me to be with my best friend hanging outside while also photographing something just for the heck of it, which I don't do a lot of these days. Also, I realized that skateboard photography is not as easy as it looks.. so this was also a healthy Saturday afternoon challenge.

Enjoy some of the photos below!