Bullet For My Valentine / Asking Alexandria / Cane Hill / by Jordan Hefler

I'm not going to say much about these photos because I honestly don't feel like I need to... but also because it's Friday and I'm lazy :p

It's been a rough past few months with me being super busy and not being able to shoot as many shows, so I'm very happy that the few I have been able to shoot have been really successful! These are some of my favorite live images I've taken (because Asking Alexandria and Bullet For My Valentine had amazing light... also because I got to get some band portraits of Cane Hill before their hometown show in New Orleans) I was really excited to see Cane Hill specifically, because they're from the area and have made it pretty big. Also because the lead vocalist Elijah Witt used to be the lead vocalist in my boyfriend's old band, so small world there. Turns out they're making a pretty big splash around the world right now! I have more shots of them from Warped Tour which will probably be my next mega-blog post... so stay tuned for that!

Anyways, the photos below were photographed at House of Blues New Orleans for Stitched Sound, with one of my Cane Hill shots gracing the cover of the most recent Warped Tour digital issue. I also got to do a little email interview with them which made it into the mag as well! Images below start with Cane Hill, then Asking Alexandria, then Bullet For My Valentine. Credit is required if re-posted anywhere.