Arizona / Christmas 2016 / by Jordan Hefler

CURRENTLY MISSING ARIZONA- don't get me wrong, I love Louisiana. Well parts of it. But I grew up in Phoenix until I was 14 and I really hadn't visited again until this past Christmas. There's so much about the desert/southwest that I miss. The scenery, the weather, the landscaping, the aesthetic of architecture, the Mexican and Native American influences... I could go on and on.

Last month my family and I (and our dog, Lady) went on the 2 day car drive to Phoenix to visit my Grandma for Christmas. Some of my family that I hadn't seen in forever came too, so it was a miniature family reunion. I was about 3 weeks out from my neck surgery when we went, so I don't think I was *technically* supposed to be using my camera yet. But I was not about to drive cross country and not take pictures!

I'm going to do more of a travel-oriented blog post on my other site, Groove Slang, once I get all the photos in order from my phone (I just upgraded so my photos are strung out across 2 devices and a dropbox folder) but below are the shots from my camera!

Side Note- that's the car wash from Breaking Bad and Walter White's house there at the end! We stopped by on our way home in New Mexico. The sun had just set as we got there so the photos aren't that great, but it was really cool to see! I'm a HUGE Breaking Bad fan!

I really hope it's not another 10 years before I visit again. STAY GOLDEN, AZ!