Aaron Carter / Music / by Jordan Hefler

I am kind of behind on posting my photos (so sorry, busy times y'all) BUT I've been excited to post these for a while! I had the opportunity to photograph Aaron Carter.. yes you heard me right.. in January at the Roux House, which is right next door to where I work in downtown Baton Rouge. Many of us haven't heard from good ole Aaron in a long time and it's because he's been ducked off making music and learning how to produce it all himself under his own name as a record label. Which is super admirable in my opinion. Although a lot of people were obviously there to hear his old jams (and he did play some of "Aaron's Party" and "I Want Candy") he was obviously there to promote his new music and let everybody know that he's coming back full force.

I'm not really sure what I was expecting it to be like, but I had a blast. It was packed and I got to stand on the stage the whole time. This show was super random to me when I heard about it but it all ended up being really amazing. Life is pretty cool sometimes.

Photographed for Stitched Sound. All photos reposted must retain proper credit.