5 Baton Rouge Creatives KILLING IT Right Now / by Jordan Hefler

5 Baton Rouge Creatives KILLING IT Right Now | Jordan Hefler

I'm so inspired by what other people are doing all of the time. Sometimes it gets me playing the comparison game which can be dangerous, but generally as a creative I am excited to see what other creatives are doing! The next 5 people are Baton Rouge creatives that I LOVE LOVE LOVE and became aware of within the past 1-2 years.

In no particular order... enjoy looking up their work below!

Taylor Hunter

Taylor probably thinks I'm psycho by now because I am constantly fangirling over her photography. I love her eye for style and color in her work. She takes lifestyle portraiture into a direction that I am always so impressed with. I also love her tones when she edits! BIG FAN. See more of her work here!

Chase Mullen

I always say this but Chase is like a freaking GOD when it comes to painting. His work is so hyper realistic yet minimal at the same time. He specializes in painting local Louisiana nature scenes but does it in a way where it's removed from the background. His work is incredible, especially when you see the extreme detail in person. I am always blown away by what he comes up with.

Details 🎟

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Toni Terry

Toni is a complete BADASS hairdresser and makeup artist that I met through a mutual friend recently. We hit it off right from the get go and now I have the pleasure of photographing her and she does my hair! I love how strong she is and how much of a professional businesswoman she is. She has this really cool story about having to renovate her salon after the detrimental flooding that happened in Baton Rouge in 2016. I look up to her so much and love to get together and talk business with her. She's a total girlboss and if you need a hairdresser in BR her work is amazing- she just gets it.

Thomas Wimberly

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I'm obsessed with everything Thomas does. I have one of his giant paintings in my living room and it's basically the focal point of my home! His work is super clean and I'm a big fan of both his color and black and white pieces. We have a lot of crossover with music interests I feel like, and that makes me even more invested in his work. Definitely check out his page if you're into design. 

Sundaze #process

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The Powerpump Girls (Raina Vallot & Sherin Dawud)

Ok so this technically makes this list 6 Baton Rouge creatives, but the Powerpump Girls duo could not be left out. These girls are complete go getters. Not only do they have their own event planning business, they decided to create The Powerpump Girls as an organization to help empower women and connect them with each other. They are even planning a creative conference! I fully stand behind everything they do...and they do it with such baller style. I definitely recommend subscribing to their email newsletter if you want a little pop of inspiration and motivation on a weekly basis!

5 Baton Rouge Creatives KILLING IT Right Now | Jordan Hefler