3 Things You Need to Start a Podcast / by Jordan Hefler

3 Things You Need to Start a Podcast | Jordan Hefler

Hello hello hello, so as y’all know I recently started a podcast called Do What You Want Radio and I am having a BLAST doing it! I’m definitely new to this and figuring it out as I go, but since people have been asking me lately about how they can start their own I figured I’d give a quick blog post about how I did.

There are obviously many ways you can go about doing a podcast, from what equipment you use to what topics you discuss, to where you record. All of the information can be overwhelming! I’m here to give you some peace of mind in knowing that it’s not near as daunting as you think, and to encourage you to start one of your own because you CAN and you can do it IN YOUR PAJAMAS AT YOUR DINING TABLE!

Here are my top 3 things you need to start a podcast (outside of a topic and name, duh!)

1. Microphone

This was probably one of the biggest things that held me back from starting a podcast! I am no audio engineer or sound technician, and was so worried that I would record crap quality. For my online workshops, I recorded sound for my screen recordings just by wearing my earbud headphones and talking into the little spot on the wire, so I toyed with the idea of doing that for the podcast too. However, I knew that I wanted to have guests to interview so there had to be a better solution for recording multiple people. I’ve been consistently BLOWN AWAY by the quality of the Blue Yeti USB Microphone. You simply plug it into your computer and record. It sits on the table right in front of you and as long as you put a blanket on the surface, you’re usually good to go. There are multiple settings or “patterns” that you can choose to help accommodate if you’re recording by yourself, with a group, with 2 people, etc. And it’s so cute and retro looking!! This is the only mic I have tried so far and I really recommend it if you’re trying to get something going in an easy, no frills manner.

3 Things You Need to Start a Podcast | Jordan Hefler

2. Hosting Service

This is the way that your podcast will be distributed to all the platforms like iTunes, Spotify, etc. You have to apply and get approved via iTunes (Apple Podcasts) and Spotify separately, but once you’re approved the podcast hosting site will distribute your content out to them automatically. There are a few hosting sites that you can go through but I have chosen to use Buzzsprout and I have had great experiences with it so far! You can actually get a $20 Amazon gift card by signing up with my link if you choose to do so. It’s virtually free to have a podcast, but having a hosting service to automatically distribute your content and provide embed web players is worth paying per month. Buzzsprout is great because there are different tiered price options per month based on how many hours of content per month you’ll be uploading. I am literally paying $18 per month and am able to upload up to 6 hours, which is plenty for releasing one episode per week! This site is where you worry about uploading your file, giving searchable keywords, making sure the album artwork is consistent, and scheduling release dates.

3 Things You Need to Start a Podcast | Jordan Hefler

3. Editing Program

Editing a podcast might sound like a lot of work and skill, but it’s really not bad at all. I am doing the absolute bare minimum by recording and editing my podcast in GarageBand on my Mac (should come free in your applications if you have a Mac.) I have also heard great things about Audacity, and Adobe Audition. If you pay for Adobe Creative Cloud, you should have access to Adobe Audition (I haven’t bothered to try and use that yet- I am good for the moment with my prior knowledge of GarageBand from cutting cheerleading music in high school LOL.) I purchased licensing for a song off of Pond 5 and recorded a quick intro/outro file of me talking over it to save as separate intro/outro files. I basically record my episode straight in GarageBand, throw the intro at the beginning, outro at the end, and then export the file. SIMPLE!

AND THAT’S ABOUT IT, Y’ALL! I don’t want to take any thunder away from those who have podcast production studios or have hired someone to do this for them, because to each their own- BUT I am a very DIY “figure it out” type of person and I have really enjoyed the process of learning how to produce my podcast myself. It’s not near as intimidating as you think, I promise you.

3 Things You Need to Start a Podcast | Jordan Hefler

Listen to Do What You Want Radio here or on iTunes or Spotify!