3 Apps to Spice Up Your Instagram Stories / by Jordan Hefler

3 Apps to Spice Up Your Instagram Stories | Jordan Hefler

It's no secret that Instagram Stories have pretty much taken over the social media world. I use IG stories more than Snapchat now and my engagement online has gone up SO MUCH just from posting things daily on there. It's a great way to show your personality and other aspects of your life and business without having to commit to it living permanently on your IG feed, which is usually more of a curated space.

A lot has changed since IG stories launched, and with it have come creative workarounds to create content. Here are 3 apps I'm using to spice up my IG stories lately:


My favorite app of the moment is Unfold, a "pic-stitch" sort of app that lets you create individual card graphics to upload to your IG story. In this app you can add pictures, videos, and (depending on if you pay to upgrade your packs within the app) old school film frames. 

3 Apps to Spice Up Your Instagram Stories | Jordan Hefler

I love this app because I can put content within the pre-cut out frames and have more white space to type text within the IG app. It's fun to be able to add photos and videos within the same graphic and then bring it into IG to add GIF stickers, text, locations, and hashtags!

A Color Story

I've talked about A Color Story before because it truly is one of my favorite editing apps in general, but something I think that makes A Color Story different from other editing apps is that you can also edit short videos. If I think a video might benefit from being edited in my stylized way I typically edit my photos, I'll bring it into A Color Story and brighten it up, add light leaks or color fogs, and adjust the curves before adding it to my IG story. I try to edit my photos and videos before adding them to my IG story just to enforce brand consistency, but sometimes that defeats the whole purpose of the "behind the scenes" nature of IG stories in the first place, so it will depend on what I'm trying to communicate.

3 Apps to Spice Up Your Instagram Stories | Jordan Hefler

Pro tip: Use the features within IG stories like the Stop Motion feature or Boomerangs to create your content within the IG stories app, then click the arrow at the bottom left to save the video to your camera roll before you post it. Bring that fun video file into A Color Story to edit the aesthetic then re-upload it into your IG story! IG story features are almost like a little video creation studio if you use them that way (you can also upload these videos you save onto your permanent feed if you're looking to switch things up!)

Cut Story

This app is something I haven't had to use very much, but I can see how it would be really helpful to people who do lots of long videos or want to replicate their YouTube content on their stories. This app basically lets you upload your video file into it and it will cut it up into the maximum amount of time IG stories allows for you.

3 Apps to Spice Up Your Instagram Stories | Jordan Hefler

For example, if you have a minute long video and you bring it into Cut Story, it'll chop it up into a few IG compatible story video files so you can upload them all into your story one by one and have it play seamlessly. Unless you pay to upgrade the app it will show the "Cut Story" logo at the bottom of your video, but it's cheap to upgrade it and remove that!

What apps do you like to use that makes your IG stories more engaging? I'd love to know!

3 Apps to Spice Up Your Instagram Stories | Jordan Hefler